Admission Policies

Please review the admissions policy outlined below. Feel free to contact the Alandi Administrator at 303-786-7437 or if you have any questions.

Students are admitted once a year at the start of the fall semester. (Please note: There is an orientation week preceding the official start of the semester).

Materials required for admission:

  1. Application form
  2. Non-refundable application fee of $50
  3. Two letters of recommendation from a teacher, professor or advisor.

If the candidate has been out of school for the last five years, letters of recommendation from employers or mentors are also acceptable.

All materials are due February 1st.

Prospective students who have applied by this date are considered for priority acceptance.
Applications submitted after February 1st will be admitted on a space available basis
, or placed on our waiting list.

Schedule a visit

Prospective students are very strongly recommended to visit the Gurukula while classes are in session. Alandi invites all applicants to visit a class, have lunch, and take a walk with Ma and the students. A site visit ensures that Alandi will fit the student's learning style and goals as well as ensuring that Alandi will enroll students who can thrive at Alandi.

The highest priority in admissions will be given to students who have already visited Alandi. Note that classes end early in May, so it is preferable to visit between September and May in order to experience a sample class. In the case of later applications, a site visit will include a building tour. In addition, it may be possible to schedule a clinic appointment or to attend Monday night chants.


Candidates who, after review of their application, appear to be a good match for Alandi will be interviewed, in person or via VSee. After the interview process, Alandi will admit selected candidates.

All applicants will be notified no later than April 15th with our final decision.

Waitlist Policy

In order to be admitted to the waiting list, candidates must supply all admission materials (application form, application fee, and letters of recommendation).
Waitlisted candidates who do not get in will have priority in selection for the subsequent year, although final selection will depend upon the interview.

Download PDF of this policy.